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It Has Never Been Simpler To Sell Your Devices.

Selling your devices now comes with the benefit of receiving Instant cash and Gift Cards making it easier than ever before.

How Does It Works?




Fill the form here

Once the form is filled, Our team will review the information and contact you within 24 hours to provide you with a quote.  



Device Collection

Our team member would come and collect the device within 24 hours.




Instant Payment

You have the option to choose between receiving instant cash or a Retake gift card which can be redeemed on our website.



Become Planet Warrior

Join us in celebrating for the planet and become a part of an ecosystem where you can trade in, sell, recycle, or rent devices.
Why should sell your devices to us?
By selling your electronics to Retake, you receive instant cash/ gift card following evaluation by our professional grading team.
Which categories of products do we accept?
We accept a wide range of products including mobiles, tablets, smartwatches, laptops, consoles, professional and digital cameras, headphones, and wireless audio. Essentially, we accept almost everything.
How does you help in saving the environment?
By selling your used devices to companies, you are contributing to the circular economy and reducing e-waste. This helps to preserve natural resources and reduce the carbon footprint associated with the manufacturing of new devices.

Our testimonials


I sold my old phone to Retake for cash and was pleasantly surprised by how easy the process was. The team was professional and offered a fair price for my device. But what really blew me away was the option to receive payment in the form of a gift card to my favorite store. It was a win-win situation - I got rid of my old phone and received a gift card to use on something new. I highly recommend Retake for anyone looking to sell their used devices!


Pulastya Vishwas

Marketing Professional

I love it

I've sold multiple devices to Retake for cash and gift cards, and each time has been a great experience. The team is always friendly and professional, and I appreciate that they offer both cash and gift card options for payment. It's a great way to get rid of old devices and earn some extra money or a gift card to my favorite store. I'll definitely continue to use Retake in the future. Wishing all the best for the team and I am sure they will rock UAE in upcoming days and be one stop solution for all devices.


Esther Howard

Startup Owner


I was recommended by a friend to use Retake. I had a lot of old electronics lying around that I wasn't using, so I decided to sell them to Retake for cash and gift cards. The process was easy and straightforward, and I received payment quickly after my devices were evaluated and picked. It was a great feeling to get rid of clutter and earn some extra money and gift cards in the process. I highly recommend Retake to anyone looking to declutter and earn some extra cash or gift cards.


Ronald Richards

IT Professional